Case Study Videos

Four of the case studies (Galicia (Spain)Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague (Netherlands)Banat Timis (Romania) and Danube-Bohemian Forest (Austria)) were portrayed in short videos. Watch GLAMURS researchers and people actively involved in the initiatives studied speak about the characteristics of the different case studies below.

The region of Galicia (Spain)

The initiatives in the region of Galicia (Spain) are related to sustainable consumption of food and manufactured goods. Zocamiñoca is an organic food consumption cooperative whereas Amarante Setem aims to promote a new model of a fair and social economy as well as better working conditions and environmental protection. Finally, Equus Zebra wants to foster the use of second-hand clothing while also working on the inclusion of immigrants. Researcher Helena Martinez as well as Marcial Blanco and Victor Omgba explain what the Galician Case Study is all about.

The region of Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague (The Netherlands)

The case study in The Netherlands deals with an energy cooperative, Vogelwijk Energiek, that aims to produce sustainable energy at the local level as well as the Repair Café initiative which allows people to get support and learn how to fix broken appliances and more in a relaxed and communal setting. Researcher Wouter Spekkink as well as Rutger van Hoogstraaten, Robbert Bloemberg, Folkert van Ryswyk and David van Rijn talk about the Dutch Case Study.

The region of Banat-Timis (Romania)

The Romanian Case Study deals with “ecovillages” and similar communities aiming to become sustainable in the region. GLAMURS researcher Vlad Pandur as well as active contributors to those initiatives Cristina Dutescu, Teodora Borghoff and Filipa & Claudian Dobos explain what makes life in these places special and why that is relevant to the GLAMURS project.

The region of Donau-Böhmerwald (Austria)

The research focus for the Case Study in Austria were the “Bioregion Mühlviertel” initiative and the region’s role as one of 106 Austrian “Climate and Energy model regions” (Klima- und Energiemodellregion). GLAMURS researcher Ines Omann and project coordinator Adina Dumitru as well as stakeholders Daniel Breitenfellner and Alfred Ruhdorfer talk about the pecularities of the region and the diverse work comprising issues such as organic food production, energy and construction.

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