News on the 2nd Back-casting workshop in A Coruna (12-13th February 2016).


30 experts define in Mariñán measures towards sustainability for Galicia in 2040 What does it need to up-scale the sustainable lifestyles and the work of initiatives that help to reduce the local carbon footprint? How to achieve good practice examples of local sustainability that can serve as an opportunity for a regional and even supra-regional […] >>

1st Backcasting Workshop in Germany: “Vom Ziel her Denken”


In November 2015, the first backcasting workshop in the project’s German case study took place in the town of Halle. 21 participants from a variety of public and private institutions as well as members of the wider civil society explored different options for Halle to become more sustainable. Most participants saw more potential for sustainable […] >>

Interim Event of the Austrian Case Study

On the 5th of November 2015 the Austrian Case Study „Climate and Energy Model-region Danube-Bohemian Forest“ presented their first results at their interim event in Haslach, Austria. The title of this event was „Spotlight on Pioneers“ and invited sustainability-pioneers of the region to present their stories. „In an economic sense this investment didn’t really pay […] >>

2nd GLAMURS-Workshop to be held on November 12th in Brussels


On thursday, 12th  November 2015, the 2nd GLAMURS workshop “Lifestyle and Time Use for a Forward-Looking Europe” will take place in the Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Brussels. Knowledge co-production and scientific integration are two of the main aims of GLAMURS as a means of opening academic work to the general public and becoming […] >>