The Spanish Socialist Workers Party calls for a new Climate Change Act and a news Plan for Sustainable Lifestyles

This week two non-legislative motions were presented in the Spanish Parliament by the largest opposition party, calling on the caretaker government to elaborate a new Climate Change Act and a participatory Plan for fostering transitions towards sustainable lifestyles. The Socialist Member of the Spanish Parliament, Ricardo García Mira (the former coordinator of the GLAMURS Project), […] >>

News on the 2nd Back-casting workshop in A Coruna (12-13th February 2016).


30 experts define in Mariñán measures towards sustainability for Galicia in 2040 What does it need to up-scale the sustainable lifestyles and the work of initiatives that help to reduce the local carbon footprint? How to achieve good practice examples of local sustainability that can serve as an opportunity for a regional and even supra-regional […] >>

Report on the 1st Backcasting Workshop in Danube Bohemian Forest, Austria


On January 15th 2016, the 1stBackcasting Workshop in the Austrian GLAMURS Case Study took place in Lembach im Mühlkreis, Upper Austria. In this workshop, which was facilitated by Ines Omann and Wolfgang Mader, 20 participants (politicians, members of initiatives, citizens, leaders of initiatives, farmers) were asked to develop future visions of a sustainable region and […] >>

A more comfortable, healthier, greener and happier daily life


Mr. Carrus, you are working at the Department of Education at the University of Roma III in Italy. What exactly are you doing? I have been studying the issue of people-environment relations and environmental psychology since I have been doing my PhD more than 15 years ago. In our department, many disciplines are working together, […] >>