Footprint Reports


In the frame of GLAMURS’ environmental assessment and as part of the project’s knowledge co-production and integrated modeling a footprint analysis was conducted from a global to a regional scale level. The results of country- and region-level environmental assessment are based on data from the EXIOBASE 2.3. The data and results were included in an environmental footprinting tool which enables an individual testing and assessing of regional sustainability performance in terms of footprint analysis. Moreover, the tool allows national & regional comparison of footprint results possible and in general related information more accessible.  

FP reports all

FP report Donau-Böhmerwald (Austria)

FP report Central Germany

FP report Lazio Region (Italy)

FP report Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague (The Netherlands)

FP report Banat-Timiș (Romania)

FP report Galicia (Spain)

FP report Aberdeenshire (Scotland, UK)