Deliverable 2.1: Report on the opportunities presented by the project to provide a context for knowledge coproduction with stakeholders, policymakers, researchers and experts

Deliverable 2.2: Report on the ontology generation and data and knowledge integration

Deliverable 3.2: Report on the relationships among psychological, economic and political/policy factors

Deliverable 3.3: Report on governance designs and policy tracks supporting transitions to sustainable lifestyles and a green economy

Deliverable 3.4: Report on theory integration and refinement

Deliverable 4.1: Report on the comprehensive framework for data collection with methodological specifications

Deliverable 4.2: Report on the interactions between patterns of time-use and consumption of goods, including trade-offs and spill-over, with the identification of main obstacles to and opportunities for change.

Deliverable 4.3: Report on future lifestyle scenarios and backcasting vision workshops

Deliverable 5.1: Report on Sustainable Lifestyles Initiatives in 7 Case Studies

Deliverable 5.2: Report on future lifestyle pathways and workshops

Deliverable 5.3: Case Study Report. Galicia, Spain

Deliverable 5.4: Case Study Report. Rotterdam-Delft-The Hague, The Netherlands

Deliverable 5.5: Case Study Report. Lazio Region, Italy

Deliverable 5.6: Case Study Report. The region of Central Germany, Germany

Deliverable 5.7: Case Study Report. Banat-Timiș, Romania

Deliverable 5.8: Case Study Report. The region of Donau-Böhmerwald, Austria

Deliverable 5.9: Case Study Report. Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Deliverable 5.10: Report on the determinants of the adoption of sustainable lifestyles and obstacles and prospects for their diffusion

Deliverable 6.1: Report on policy simulations in Micro-economic calibrated models

Deliverable 6.2: Report on policy simulations in Macroeconomic calibrated models

Deliverable 6.3: Report on policy simulations in agent-based models

Deliverable 6.4: Report on interactions between governance and psychological variables

Deliverable 7.1: Documentation of the environmental sustainability modeling methodology adopted

Deliverable 7.2: Environmental footprinting for case studies – tool and documentation

Deliverable 7.3: Analysis of current impact of lifestyle choices and scenarios for lifestyle choices and green economy developments