What We Found Out

Toward the end of GLAMURS’ research activities the project’s results were summarized in an extensive Final Report, several shorter Briefing Sheets, a Final Video with the researchers and a Final Conference in Brussels with a broad scope of stakeholders.


Final Report

The GLAMURS Final Report provides a summary of project context and objectives, main insights from the empirical research carried out on obstacles and prospects for sustainable lifestyles and a green economy as well as possibilities for upscaling by testing pathways and scenarios for transitions to a sustainable Europe. Additionally, the report outlines the environmental impact of lifestyle choices and the major activities targeting scientific and societal impact through the project’s knowledge co-production and dissemination strategies.

Find the Final Report here.

Briefing Sheets

The GLAMURS Briefing Sheets offer an overview of central project themes.

Briefing Sheet – Promoting Transitions to Sustainable Lifestyles & a Green Economy: GLAMURS Highlights
This Briefing Sheet summarizes the methodology and key insights about lifestyle influences, regional analysis, visions and scenarios developed and their evaluation as well as the multi-dimensional approach adopted throughout the project.

Briefing Sheet – How Does Sustainability Feel?
This Briefing Sheet provides insights from sustainability activists across Europe. How and why do they get involved with different initiatives and what impact does engagement have on an individual level?

Briefing Sheet – Exploring Lifestyles and Transformations Towards a Green Economy
This Briefing Sheet summarizes the visions and pathways for the future developed as a result of knowledge-coproduction within GLAMURS.

Briefing Sheet -Lessons Learned from the Case Studies
This Briefing Sheets reviews the key messages from the seven European Case Studies at the heart of GLAMURS and points out the main issues for unlocking sustainability-related engagement in Europe.

Final Video

Our final video is a comprehensive overview of GLAMURS, illuminating the work and approaches within the project. Many of the numerous people involved in GLAMURS explain what makes the project’s trans-disciplinary view on sustainable lifestyles, behaviour and time-use so innovative and engaging as well as outlining the way GLAMURS Researchers have been working on these issues and more over the last years.

Final Conference

The GLAMURS Final Conference assembled over 120 people, including researchers, stakeholders and policy makers in Brussels on November 30 and December 1, 2016.

The first day of the event was dedicated to facilitating debate and discussion between GLAMURS researchers, policy-makers and sustainable initiative practitioners on the most promising lessons for supporting sustainable lifestyle change. It comprised keynotes by Claudian Dobos (President of ECOLISE, founder of Aurora eco-village) and Nina Treu (German Degrowth Network) as well as a combination of short research presentations, interactive and policy implications sessions.

The second day focused on discussing the state-of-the art research on time-use perspectives on sustainable lifestyles and transitions to a green economy with policymakers, business stakeholders and researchers from other EU projects and presenting GLAMURS project results policy implications. Input consisted of talks by European Commission representatives and a keynote by Tim Kasser, a frontrunner in research on human aspirations, time affluence and their relationships to wellbeing and ecological behaviour, as well as a series of parallel sessions in which various GLAMURS-relevant themes were addressed through scientific papers and discussion.

Read a summary of the keynotes and plenary sessions.

View and download presentations.